Mary’s Patient Journey Story Part Two | hCG

Mary left her consultation with Dr. Young feeling invigorated. She was ready to make changes — big changes, if necessary — to reduce her risk of heart disease and get her health back on track. She wasted no time setting her new lifestyle in motion. “I made one really big change the second I walked…

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Mary’s Patient Journey Story | hCG

“My weight has been an issue my whole life,” says Mary, a 54-year-old Central California resident who became a patient of Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness earlier this year. “It goes back as far as I can remember.”  She calls herself a “chunky monkey” of a child, born to Italian immigrants whose rich culinary culture…

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Rae’s Patient Journey Story – Part 3

A year and a half ago, when a pandemic abruptly changed the world’s trajectory, Rae had no idea her life was about to take an even more unexpected turn. She’d set a goal for herself: use this time to recommit to fitness and transform her health for the better. A tick bite and subsequent Lyme…

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Rae’s Patient Journey Story – Part 2

Rae considers herself one of the lucky ones. Despite her delayed Lyme diagnosis and the symptoms that had made her a shadow of her vibrant former self, she finally saw a path forward. A personal connection who also battled Lyme encouraged her to visit Dr. Young at Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness. “She said Dr.…

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Rae’s Patient Journey Story – Part 1

In mid-March 2020, the San Francisco Bay Area became the first region in the nation to issue a ‘shelter in place’ order to curb the spread of COVID-19. It was six weeks after the area’s first known case of the novel coronavirus, and though officials insisted there was no reason for alarm, a frenzy began.…

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body ready for another pandemic

Is Your Body Ready for Another Pandemic Wave?

It’s a big question, and we don’t want to cause you any panic or additional stress, but it is important to take a rational look at your health, especially when we are in the middle of another COVID-19 wave. Even if COVID-19 were not an issue, pandemics are random by nature, and there is no…

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sex hormones

How Stress Hormones Help Better Sex

Life is full of stresses and strains and the truth is that stress can impact so many different health issues. It’s a factor in so many things that we see in our patient’s day today. Nothing’s really immune from the effects of stress…even sex! You’d think, sex would be a solution, but if your sex…

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The Answer to Great Sex and No Incontinence

Let’s get physical. Your pelvic floor is the set of muscles that directly support your sexual function (for men and women), bladder function and they are involved in helping prevent abdominal and back pain.  The essentials help the front and back of your trunk move. Normal aging, injuries, carrying children for women, reduced hormones for…

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Stress Urinary Incontinence

Do you pee when you laugh?

Ever seen someone throwing their head back with laughter and then suddenly their expression takes an unexpected turn? It’s like they suddenly remembered they left a chicken cooking in the oven at home! Well, they could have just let out a bit of pee – we’ve all been there. There’s a reason why people use…

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low libido

Sex Stoppers – Let’s talk about sex drive

Like most things, the sex drive is a spectrum. There are some people that have little interest in sex and others were making out is their main interest. Honestly, as doctors, we have no norm for sex drive which makes it a hard topic to give advice on.  When helping someone with libido the first…

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