Sexual Dysfunction & Sexual Health Issues

The Main Causes Of Sexual Health Problems In Men And Women

Sexual dysfunction is one of those topics that to this day is not openly talked about. Even within relationships, sexual health problems are often ignored or internalized. The longer this goes on, the more difficult it can be to deal with, both from a physical and personal relationship point of view.

The reason why people don’t pay enough attention to their sexual health is different from person to person. But one of the most common ones is that people simply put it down to being busy at work and with their families.

While this is often a contributing factor, there are some more obvious reasons why your sex life has been suffering.

It’s All About The Sex Hormones

When it comes to sexual health, it’s all about the right balance of the sex hormones called estrogen and testosterone. Sudden and regular fluctuations are just as disruptive as constantly low levels.

There are a few causes for such hormonal imbalances that are most common and better understanding them can help you fix a problem that you might not be paying enough attention to.


Stress is a common theme in so many different health problems that we encounter. It can come in the form of physical stress that may be the result of illnesses, injuries and even working too hard. Emotional stress is often less obvious, as many people just view it as a normal response to being busy.
But in a world where yesterday isn’t soon enough to get things done, many people can become overwhelmed with demands that their professional and personal lives are putting on them.

The natural response to a disrupted cortisol (aka the “stress hormone”) cycle is often a reduction in estrogen and testosterone. These are not essential hormones, and the body prioritizes stress responses because from an evolutionary perspective they are associated with immediate danger.

When stress goes untreated, you can end up with long periods of reduced sex hormones which has a severe impact on sexual health.


When it comes to female sexual health, the main culprit for sudden hormonal changes is menopause. While on average it doesn’t kick in until the mid to late forties, it can happen in the early forties as well.

If you look at a chart of female hormone levels, you will notice that both estrogen and progesterone gradually decrease from the early 20s on. But you’ll notice that estrogen will suddenly drop in the mid-forties, which is the first indication that menopause has started.

The most obvious symptoms are the dreaded hot flushes, changes in the menstrual cycle and mood swings. But it is also very normal at this time to experience a loss of sex drive due to the drop and fluctuations in hormone levels.

The good news is that blood tests can measure your hormone levels, and dependent on the results, there are several treatment options to help improve your sexual health.


Male sexual health problems are actually not all that different from women and are always impact by testosterone levels and fluctuations. What most people don’t realize though is that men will go through a period called andropause (aka manopause), where testosterone levels drop.

The accompanying fatigue and weight gain are often put down to diet and being busy with work and family, but more often than not it’s hormonal changes that are the culprit. The signs and symptoms are a lot more subtle though, and obviously, there isn’t the obvious stop to the monthly period.

This drop in testosterone levels usually happens in the forties as well, and one of the less talked about symptoms is a difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection. However, there are many natural and medical treatments available.

Our doctors will be able to advise you on what tests to run, as well as create a plan of action for diet and lifestyle changes to lessen the effects of these hormonal imbalances.

Why Should You Get Tested Immediately?

If you have noticed a sudden change in sex drive, weight gain, constant fatigue or mood swings, then there is a good chance that hormonal changes and imbalances are the cause.

Our doctors at the Young Wellness Center have a lot of experience dealing with men and women to diagnose hormonal issues. With specifically targeted blood tests we’re able to assess whether your sex hormones are the most likely cause of sexual health problems.

Book in for a free consultation at our Los Gatos, Santa Clara County clinic and we will advise you of all the available options.

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