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Why Are You Constantly Feeling Exhausted?

Stress is one of the most common causes of exhaustion and weight gain, and weight gain further increases exhaustion. It’s a positive feedback loop that can set you on a path to major health issues, and most people are completely unaware of the underlying problems.

Weight gain can happen gradually, sometimes just amounting to a few pounds a year. But unnoticed and untreated, even such a slow and gradual gain will constantly leave you feeling exhausted.
Here at the Young Wellness Center, our team has extensive experience in diagnosing the main causes of exhaustion and weight gain. Not only can we reliably diagnose these causes, but we have natural and non-invasive solutions that will improve your health and wellbeing.

Following are the 9 most common causes of weight gain and exhaustion. If you feel like any of these could be an issue for you then contact us for a free consultation.

The Top 9 Causes For Weight Gain

1 – Blood Sugar Regulating Problems

As your body metabolizes carbohydrates, it increases the amount of glucose, or blood sugar, in your body. When your body creates more glucose than it needs for your level of physical activity, then a lot of the excess glucose can end up being stored as fat. Essentially it becomes an energy reserve.
Lack of exercise, excessive carb intake, along with type II diabetes and hypoglycemia are the most common causes of high and unstable blood sugar levels. Through some simple tests, we can diagnose these and many other problems that could be causing irregular glucose levels.

2 – Stress Hormones

The dominant hormone associated with stress is cortisol. While it is a vital hormone for regulating your metabolism and helping with reducing inflammation, severe fluctuations can cause quite a lot of problems.

When your daily life exposes you to stressful situations, then your cortisol levels can fluctuate from extremely low to extremely high. These sudden changes can then cause inflammation and metabolic disruptions that can then lead to increased weight gain.

Fortunately, there are simple blood and urine tests that can help you identify such imbalances.

3 – Sex Hormones

Both men and women start to see changes in their sex hormone levels and balances once they hit mid-forties. This is a perfectly normal part of getting older, but these hormonal imbalances can have significant impacts.

For women, the dominant hormones estrogen and progesterone can suddenly and significantly dip during menopause. What most men don’t realize is that the same happens to their testosterone levels.

During this time, it is very common for fat storage to increase significantly, but there are hormone level tests that can provide you with the answers you need.

4 – Thyroid Disorders

The thyroid gland is one of the most vital regulators of most body functions, including your metabolism. An underactive thyroid is one of the leading causes for metabolic disorders leading to you piling on the pounds even with a healthy lifestyle.

There are many different tests available for diagnosing such a condition, and not testing for all thyroid markers can lead to a false negative diagnosis. Here at the Young Wellness Clinic, our doctors have the necessary experience and expertise to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

5 – Mood Disorders

Mental health has become a central focus point of medicine, with a better understanding of how different types of depression and anxiety impact the physical health of humans. However, many people still suffer from mood disorders putting them down to stress or being busy at work and with life in general.

When various forms of depression and anxiety go undiagnosed and untreated, it can lead to hormonal imbalances and eating disorders among many other health issues. Depressing also increases the risk of obesity by a staggering 5 times.

If you have any concerns about your mood being linked to your weight problems, then book in for a free consultation today.

6 – Food Allergies And Intolerance

While these are two very different types of food reactions, they can cause very similar health issues that don’t just include weight gain. A constant feeling of sickness and exhaustion are very common as well, causing a lot of disruption to your daily life.

Many people dismiss the symptoms as just being down to a busy day at work or having picked up some seasonal flu or stomach virus. Your immune system is likely to suffer as well, but through some targeted analysis and testing, you can make fast and effective changes to your diet to get your health and life back on track.

7 – Digestive Disturbances

This has become an increasingly common problem, often down to the fact that people don’t make enough time for their meals, both the preparation and eating. Instead, readymade meals and fast food are picked up on the go, with eating becoming an inconvenient interruption during a busy day.

This can cause significant digestive and metabolic disruptions that result in many important nutrients not being absorbed and toxins building up. Piling on the pounds is a very likely result, as well as constant tiredness from the lack of vital nutrients.

8 – Environmental Factors, Genetics, And Toxins

Many health issues, especially chronic illnesses, can be traced back to a combination of environmental factors and your genetics. Toxins like garden pesticides or chemicals added to processed food can result in severe reactions if your body is unable to process them sufficiently.
Your genes play a huge role in how your metabolism reacts to such toxins, and this can lead to reoccurring infections and illnesses. Unfortunately, these toxins are all around us, and the only way to find out what might be causing you harm is a combination of allergy and genetic testing.
Book your free consultation today to find out how we can help.

9 – Nutritional Deficiencies

Many people simply associate a poor diet with lots of sugar and fatty fast food with nutritional deficiencies. However, many DIY diet plans that simply reduce the amount of food intake, also result in a lack of essential vitamins and minerals.

You might think you’re doing the right thing by eating less, but unless you still get all the nutrients your body needs, your diet could actually be causing metabolic disruptions that lead to weight gain, not loss.

But there are many other serious health issues you could develop if dietary deficiencies go unchecked for a long time. Talk to our doctors today to find out how these deficiencies can be diagnosed and treated.

Why Should You Get Tested Immediately?

The longer you leave any symptoms of exhaustion and weight gain go untreated the more problematic your health issues can become. There simply is no better time to fix your health problems than right now.

Our clinic in Los Gatos, Santa Clara County has treated thousands of patients in the bay area, helping them better understand the causes of their weight gain, exhaustion, and feeling of sickness.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation, whether you’re close enough to visit our clinic, or to arrange to meet over the phone or video chat. We can help you improve your health and life, by providing you with a plan that naturally rebalances your body.

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