The Answer to Great Sex and No Incontinence


Let’s get physical. Your pelvic floor is the set of muscles that directly support your sexual function (for men and women), bladder function and they are involved in helping prevent abdominal and back pain.  The essentials help the front and back of your trunk move. Normal aging, injuries, carrying children for women, reduced hormones for men (andropause) and women (menopause) all can lead to incontinence. Urinary issues can be anxiety-inducing and embarrassing.

Now, something else that requires pelvic strength is sex. The pelvic floor is one of the most important muscles when it comes to getting jiggy with it and a positive sex life with a partner. Intimacy is an important part of any relationship, with yourself and someone else, so making sure you’re happy, sexually is key.

Advice on how to strengthen your pelvic floor often centers around Kegels, which are exercises that basically require you to squeeze and lift your pelvic floor. When the pelvic floor muscles are stronger, sexual satisfaction should be better because there’ll be more blood flow to the area and it’ll improve sensation.

The thing is, doing Kegels isn’t easy and you might not be sure whether you’re even doing it right.   Consult with a healthcare practitioner if you are questioning if you are doing it right. You’ll also need to regularly and consistently do these exercises to see any effects.

Another side-impact of doing Kegels and strengthening your pelvic floor is reducing the chance of incontinence and regaining control. A leaking bladder is more likely when your pelvic floor is weaker and can’t support your pelvic organs properly.

Here at Young Wellness Center, instead of doing thousands of kegels yourself, we’ve got the Emsella – your new best friend! Our innovative machine uses electromagnetic tech to induce muscle contractions and it produces thousands of Kegel-like contractions in one session

One session only takes 30 minutes, it’s non-surgical and helps your sex life and reduces incontinence:

  • Stay fully-clothed throughout your session
  • Experience no discomfort, with no anesthesia necessary
  • It’s not painful and there aren’t any side-effects
  • Carry on with your day straight afterward
  • Start seeing results 3 weeks after your first treatment

6 treatments scheduled twice per week usually does the trick and the good news is that we’ve got a Flash Sale on Emsella at the moment, especially for you. You can get 50% off a regular priced session of $2400 – now $1200.

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