Sexual Health – Women

Welcome to our Women’s Sexual Health self-assessment. We all deserve a healthy sex life, but as many women know, that’s sometimes easier said than done. Sex can be complicated for women — it’s not just your physical body involved, it’s also your mental state and emotions, your stress levels, your culture, your relationship with your partner and even your environment.

It’s natural to wonder whether your sex life is healthy, and it’s normal to go through changes throughout your life. Millions of women experience low libido, difficulty with arousal, trouble reaching orgasm, discomfort during sex, pelvic floor weakness and other issues (especially around major events like childbirth and menopause).

Imbalanced hormones are often one of the culprits of sexual health problems. Dr. Young and Dr. Chrystal have a lot of experience helping women diagnose hormonal imbalances and other issues that might interfere with a healthy sex life. If you are ready to improve your sexual health using the natural and medical treatments available at the Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness, get started by completing the survey below.