When Was The Last Time You Felt Amazing?

Often, when we ask our patients this question, most of them can’t really recall the last time that they truly felt well. Their symptoms or the condition that has been plaguing them – whether it be fatigue, brain fog, hypothyroidism, PMS, stubborn weight they can’t get rid of, moodiness, chronic aches and pains (or a variety of other symptoms) – that has kept them from feeling their best is often the place we find the root cause of their illness.

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Shine From The Inside Out.

Wellness starts with taking care of you. As woman, we tend to fall to the bottom of the list. Making yourself number one is often difficult. As women we often let selfcare take a back burner to our family, friends and work obligations. Shine from the inside out is about taking control of your health. Knowledge is power. Let us help you have the power to shine.

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Aging Is A Natural Struggle, Bring An Expert To The Fight.

We all fight time. Knowledge will help you fight well. Advances in anti-aging medicine are one of our areas of expertise. Longevity is about knowing the right things for your body to stay mobile, your mind to stay sharpe and to keep a good sense of humor! Let us help you to live long and well.

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Healthy Isn’t A Goal, It’s A Way Of Life!

Know what works for you is knowing how to keep well.
We are all unique in our biological make up. Knowing what foods are best for you, what nutrients you need and what your genetic risks are puts you in a place of power. Reach your goals using knowledge of your bio-individuality to find the healthiest you.

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Proactive Health Is Not Waiting.

Many of us ignore headaches, weight gain, fatigue, sexual dysfunction, mental slowing and body aches until we can’t ignore them anymore. Not allowing your health to spiral is about taking control using knowledge and advances in clinical care to find the most fit you.

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It’s Time You Felt Whole Again

Prior to your visit ask yourself: when was the last time I felt well and what has happened or changed between now and then?

That is how we at Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness can help. Our focus is to get you to a state of wellness by identifying the root cause of your issues and finding a solution.

Naturopathic doctors, like Renee Young, N.D., combine the wisdom of time-tested natural therapies with advanced clinical science using extensive laboratory testing, physical examinations and new research to deliver state-of-the-art care. Infused with traditional healing methods, principles and practices, naturopathic medicine focuses on holistic, proactive prevention and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment.

If you don’t feel your best, you will never be able to enjoy your life to the fullest. We take a stand for each and every one of our patients to live the longest, happiest, most optimal life that they can.

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How Are You Feeling?

Self Assessments

I feel Sick


It is not uncommon for seasonal illnesses to make you feel sick and nauseated. In most cases, you’ve been unlucky to pick up some sort stomach bug, and the feeling of sickness is a symptom of your body fighting the intruder.

Learn Why

I feel Fat


Millions of people around the world are constantly switching from one quick weight loss diet plan to another, and combining different exercise and nutrition recommendations.

Learn Why

I feel Tired


Dealing with sleep disorders can be one of the most challenging and disruptive problems that contribute to many different health issues.

Learn Why

I feel Foggy


There’s no doubt that cognitive issues are a day-ruiner. It can affect every aspect of your life, and if it’s left unattended, it can persist, worsen, and ruin entire months, if not years of your life.

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What Clients Are Saying

Mike Potenza

Dr. Young has been an extremely valuable resource for my understanding of blood markers the effect they have on the performance and health of athletes. Our players are in a constant state of high-paced training, travel and competitive events. Our recovery strategies via nutritional interventions are specific to the individual and are established from Dr. Young’s testing. The identification of these individualized needs for health, nutrition and performance give our team the tools needed to combat the stressors of the season and set us up for success.

Michelle M. – San Jose, CA

THEY REALLY CARE ABOUT THEIR PATIENTS. Ever since I started seeing them almost a year ago, they have changed my life. They took blood tests that no doctor has ever asked of me before. They found out that I am very, very, allergic to many different types of foods. Once I stopped those allergens, it changed my life for the better. They continue to work with me on very severe chronic illnesses and work with my other doctors to help me get better. I am so appreciative to them, their whole staff, and so blessed to have found them to be a part of my healing process. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!

Jacqueline M. – SAN JOSE, CA

Dr. Young is the type of doctor that will squeeze you in during an emergency, or call you directly at the end of her day to check in with you. Who does that today? Dr. Young is hyper focused on creating happy and healthy clients. She caught my Graves disease, coordinates directly with my endocrinologist and tracks the status of my disease management protocol – helping me treat my whole body and not just a single symptom. I have always found her staff to be polite, knowledgeable yet discreet. I have my blood drawn on site, pick up my supplements and can walk in any time of day for my shots. Young Naturopathic really offers one stop services and Dr Young offers the type of service we rarely see today!