Optimizing for Life’s Adventures: How Brooke Shifted Gears and Redefined His Health

The roar of the engine echoed off the mountainside as Brooke leaned into a sharp turn, his motorcycle hugging the winding road. In his mid-40s, the real estate investor, outdoor enthusiast and lifelong thrillseeker still craved the adrenaline rush of pushing his body to the limit.

But lately, he’d started to feel his age creeping up. Recovery took longer, old injuries ached and his energy waned. Chugging another Red Bull no longer had the effect it used to. “I was feeling more sluggish than necessary for my age,” Brooke says of that time in 2016. “I wanted to make sure I was maximizing what I was able to do.”

That’s when a friend recommended he try something new to optimize his health. “I didn’t even know naturopathic medicine was a thing,” he admits, but his friend’s endorsement was all the convincing he needed to book an appointment at Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness with Dr. Renee Young.

Brooke has been a member of the YNC community ever since and says discovering naturopathic medicine gave him a new perspective on health.

Redlining the Engine

Now 54, Brooke is a busy man. He’s a husband, father of two active kids and an entrepreneur who has founded several companies. He’s also a former rugby player and an avid outdoorsman who spends his free time surfing, fishing, dirt biking and motorcycle riding — passions he’s had his whole life.

When decades of physical pursuits began to take a toll, Brooke had no intention of letting it get the better of him. He put his adventurous spirit to work seeking out a novel solution.

“A friend who played for the San Jose Sharks recommended Dr. Young. He said it’s where he goes when he wants to play better, or heal faster, or just needs a boost,” Brooke recalls.

The concept of naturopathic medicine was new to him, but Brooke was open-minded. He intuitively understood that the human body, like any high-performance machine, needs regular maintenance to function at its best. He saw an opportunity to help his body stay optimized for the long haul.

“As soon as my buddy told me about it, it made nothing but sense,” he says. “I said, sign me up.”

Leaning Into the Turn

Brooke’s first visit to Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness was eye-opening. “They took my blood and told me all the things I was short on,” he says. “I would have had no idea that I was depleted in those things.”

As someone who had suffered his fair share of injuries over the years — “broken bones from racing motorcycles, hands, ankles, wrist, arm, leg, multiple ribs, many things” — he was no stranger to doctors’ offices. But YNC was different.

“They’re like family now,” he says of the staff. “They’re funny. They’re fun. They make the experience so easy. It’s not like seeing a regular doctor.”

His first impression of Dr. Young was equally positive. “She’s awesome. Love her personality,” Brooke says. “She’s blunt in a good way. She tells you what you need, take it or leave it. It’s not a high-pressure sales thing.”

From the start, Dr. Young’s approach resonated with Brooke’s straightforward, action-oriented mindset. His initial treatment plan focused on IV therapy. Over time, he’s added peptides, hCG and testosterone replacement to his regimen.

Exploring a New Frontier

The health and wellness industries have historically targeted women, leaving men facing a gender-based disparity in health outcomes. In many societies, the average male lifespan is shorter than the average female lifespan, and men have higher rates of disease.

Fortunately, we are seeing a shift. “Statistically, men often wait until they have a health episode to take care of themselves,” explains Dr. Young. “But we’re lucky to live in an area where people are well educated about their health, so we’re seeing an increasing number of men looking for preventive care.”

Among the most popular treatments for men at YNC are IV therapy, hormone replacement therapy to enhance energy and libido, Prolozone for pain management, exosome therapy for anti-aging and peptides to optimize workouts.

While there may be differences in how men and women approach their health, the team at YNC focuses on meeting each patient where they’re at and providing clear written plans for optimizing their health.

“We all have similar concerns about family history, longevity, happiness and wanting to make the most of our appearance, sex life and physical performance,” says Dr. Young. “We want to have active, long lives and are willing to do what it takes to make that happen.”

Fine-Tuning the Human Machine

Despite being “not a needle guy,” Brooke has found IV therapy to be overwhelmingly positive. “The facility is great. You get in really quick. And now, every time I come, there’s at least one person I know,” he says. “It’s been a wonderful experience.”

The benefits of his treatment plan, which includes IV therapy twice a month, daily peptides and hormone replacement, are noticeable. Brooke credits his treatments with faster healing and recovery from his active lifestyle, as well as with helping him get sick less often and less severely.

He sums it up frankly: “I’m getting results, so I keep coming back.”

But perhaps even more impactful than the physical changes have been the mental benefits. “For me, mentally, just knowing that I’m not depleted on vitamins and minerals has been good,” he says. “I know I don’t get enough on my own. I feel better knowing those boxes are being checked.”

Brooke calls visits to YNC a “cheat code” for maintaining his health. “You feel confident that you’re the best you could be. Which is all you can really ask for, right? There is no magic sauce,” he muses. “But by coming here, you’re giving yourself peace of mind that you’re optimized as best as you can be.”

Maintaining Momentum

The mindset shift has been one of the biggest surprises for Brooke. He now sees health optimization as an ongoing process, not a one-time fix for an injury or illness. As a business owner in the hustle culture of Silicon Valley, he understands the temptation to put health on the back burner, but he considers Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness a non-negotiable part of his routine.

“If this wasn’t useful, I wouldn’t take the time out to do it,” he says. “It’s worth the time.”

He’s come to view his visits to YNC as a “maintenance plan” that helps compensate for the health habits he knows he should be doing, but doesn’t always manage. His focus is not on radical transformation but rather on incremental gains and finding the right strategies to keep him operating at his best. “I want to make sure I’m using the right tools to do whatever I’m doing the best and the easiest,” he says. “Efficiency is important.”

Now, Brooke is a walking testament to the power of naturopathic medicine. He’s referred several friends to YNC and sees himself continuing his treatment regimen for the foreseeable future. “I’m extremely happy with what I’m getting from my treatments,” he says.

Fueling Transformation

Brooke refuses to let age slow him down. His active hobbies are not just personal passions; they are also a chance to make lasting memories with his children. “They’re good at the things I like to do and I want to keep up with them,” he says. “They surf. Play sports. We do long-range motorcycle stuff together, which is extremely hard on the body.”

“I don’t want to let them be better yet!” he adds with a laugh.

Brooke’s influence extends beyond his immediate family. He’s become an advocate for health maintenance and prevention, particularly among men, who typically might wait until crisis strikes before seeking help. “We often don’t act until there’s something to react to,” he observes. “A lot of men don’t know other options exist. Someone needs to educate guys and let them know there are benefits to being more proactive.”

For the team at YNC, Brooke embodies that philosophy perfectly. “While most men wait until they are having severe issues to see a doctor, Brooke was 100% proactive about coming to see us about his health,” says Carla, Patient Care Concierge. “Once he saw there was a way to feel great, he started referring his friends to our clinic. He is such a love-life kind of guy, and he sincerely likes to help others.”

For Brooke, it all comes down to a simple question: “If your car is worth insuring, isn’t your body worth even more?” And that, he believes, is worth advocating for.

We are grateful to Brooke for sharing his story and for being such an inspiring advocate for proactive healthcare. If you are ready to take control of your own health journey, we invite you to schedule a consultation at Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness. Give us a call at 408-761-6781 or schedule your complimentary consultation here.