How Stress Hormones Help Better Sex

sex hormones

Life is full of stresses and strains and the truth is that stress can impact so many different health issues. It’s a factor in so many things that we see in our patient’s day today.

Nothing’s really immune from the effects of stress…even sex!

You’d think, sex would be a solution, but if your sex drive starts to go haywire because of all the other cr*p you’ve got going on, sex can start to become a stressful issue in itself.

Stress can affect you physically, emotionally and sexually.

Sex can fall by the wayside when you’re got stressful stuff in your personal or professional life…or both! This can mean that your sex hormones start going all over the place as you go through disrupted cortisol and estrogen and testosterone levels fall.

If you go for long periods of time being stressed out and without sex then your sex hormones can start to impact your sexual health. Fluctuating levels can be just as chaotic as consistently low levels.

So, what have you noticed recently?

  • Lower sex drive than normal?
  • Little to no desire to have sex?
  • Trouble enjoying sex/orgasming?

When you encounter this, it can be tough not to question yourself and your relationships, which can make you feel even more stressed.

Long-term stress means your body will create a spike of cortisol over time. The same processes your body uses to do this are usually supplied when testosterone is created, so if your body is producing more cortisol, testosterone production will suffer, which makes a big difference to sex drive in men and women.

Stress affects your relationships too. You’re more likely to be snappy with people, not focus on them or say things you don’t mean…which isn’t exactly a great recipe for getting it on with your loved one. The conditions for sex aren’t ideal when you’re stressed and miraculously being in the mood suddenly or expecting your partner to be after a giant fight just ain’t realistic.

Getting to a point again where your sex hormones are balanced is good for your sexual and emotional health.

What can you do to get back in the mood?

  • Talk, talk, talk – whether it’s to your loved ones or to a therapist, work on what’s causing you stress and try to open up.
  •  Get it checked outcome and chat to a professional if you’re worried about your sex drive, it could be down to other health conditions.
  • Book in for a free consultation and we can assess your sex hormones and health issues.

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