Sex Stoppers – Let’s talk about sex drive

low libido

Like most things, the sex drive is a spectrum. There are some people that have little interest in sex and others were making out is their main interest. Honestly, as doctors, we have no norm for sex drive which makes it a hard topic to give advice on.  When helping someone with libido the first thing to do is establish a norm. For example, on a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the highest, how high is your sex drive?

Once you know where you are right now, try to figure out where your level was last year, 5 years ago, 10 years ago and so on. Time changes sex drive and if you see a natural decline and not a sudden drop that may just be your hormones and body changes. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t address it.   

That being said, sudden shifts in interest in sex can be the reason for concern. 

Here are the top 5 medical conditions that will hinder you and your honey from wanting to get in bed: 

  • Heart Disease – That’s right all of those sexy sex parts need a blood supply.  If you have heart disease the body will keep lots of blood flow to the brain, but your genitals, not so much.  Heart disease can result in low blood flow, decreased arousal and decreased lubrication. So if you have had a sudden shift – get your ticker checked!
  • Sleep apnea – So, the body has priorities, if you’re low on oxygen (hypoxic) again your love parts are a low priority in the body.   Not to mention, not sleeping is very similar to drinking or doing drugs – literally mind-altering. Have you ever drank too much and realized sex is not an option or priority . . . . hmmm, there’s a thought! 
  • Pain – It has been shown that pain changes your chemistry.   Pain makes participating in sex more difficult and interest at an all-time low.  Energy levels are affected as well as happy hormones that put you in the mood.  
  • Depression – I know it seems obvious that depression would be a thing.  Sometimes the first signs of depression include changes to your interest in sex.  
  • Medication Reactions or Side Effects – It is no secret that a fair number of medications have the side effect of loss of interest in sex and our ability to have sex.   I’m not advocating stopping the medication but think back . . . how was your libido before you started medications that you are currently on. Do you think there was a correlation?  If so talk to your prescribing doctor about what some of your other options may be.

Hormones are often blamed for low libido.  They are definitely a factor, next week we will talk more about your hormones.  Having a doctor that can look at your overall health, take a great history and help guide you in figuring out why you have had a change/ reduction in your sex drive is really important.

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