Our Team

At Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness, every team member is just as committed to your health and wellness as our doctors are. From our Office Manager to our Patient Care Concierge to our Medical Assistants and Front Office Staff, we are committed to continuing to build our team of wellness care experts to provide exceptional service our patients.

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Carla Anderson, Patient Care Concierge

Relationships are key to helping patients. No one knows that better than Carla Anderson. Filled with compassion for health and wellness and armed with years of personal experience, Carla is able to listen to your needs and help you navigate the vast world of health to achieve longevity and optimal health. Years prior to onboarding with our team, Carla joined our practice as a patient. Her passion for Dr. Young and Dr. Chrystal’s thorough approach to wellness landed her with a position here to help you experience all of the same services that have helped her so much.
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Phaedra Sterbenc, Certified Health and Wellness Coach

“When I met Phaedra, the first thing she asked me is “What’s the plan?” And I knew she was the only person for the job.” – Renee Young, N.D.

How do we succeed at anything in life? We plan. Phaedra is easily able to identify obstacles in your way and find a path around them, or over them – and make a plan – to help you achieve the success in your health that you are seeking. She will work with you to develop and sustain healthy habits for life!

Phaedra oversees and improves our weight loss programs.  We are proud to say she has given our HCG weight loss program a facelift with new meal prepping ideas, shopping lists, and strategies to her favorite local markets along with new recipes! She is managing the program and new HCG patients to help them improve their health and meet their weight loss goals, while improving their overall health at the same time. In addition to HCG, she has been working with other weight loss patients on figuring out their macro’s and succeeding with normal diet and exercise.

With chronic diseases and other health conditions on the rise, Phaedra is passionate about educating and motivating clients to make sustainable changes to prevent disease. She invests her energy and expertise in partnering with clients to provide weight loss management strategies, implement positive behavioral changes, and create a balanced lifestyle. Phaedra is committed to helping people realize their own potential, set goals, achieve results, and live the amazing lifestyle they envision.