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Plasma from your body contains properties that promote essential and specific growth factors that assist in tissue healing and regeneration such as stem cells and other blood-related products. These properties are biologically designed to be activated when applied to the face to create new collagen – the main ingredient for tauter, smoother and toned skin.…

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We have, in our videos, showed you how PRP or platelet rich plasma therapy works and how it can help you resolve many of your skin problems and tighten your face to give you a rejuvenated, amazing, younger looking, glowing skin. I’m sure many of you must have thought, ‘Wow, that looks amazing – it’s…

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How a PRP Facial is Performed

From the last 3 videos, you would have heard quite a bit about PRP facials, and its nickname – the Vampire facial – would have led you to guess it’s something to do with blood. Yes, you are right – PRP is platelet rich plasma. Your own blood is drawn to perform this procedure.  But,…

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