How a PRP Facial is Performed

From the last 3 videos, you would have heard quite a bit about PRP facials, and its nickname – the Vampire facial – would have led you to guess it’s something to do with blood. Yes, you are right – PRP is platelet rich plasma. Your own blood is drawn to perform this procedure.  But, don’t get scared.  This video on how PRP facial is performed will take your fears and doubts away.

The entire process hardly takes more than an hour to complete, and you can leave our clinic immediately after it’s over. Most of our patients report mild discomfort during the procedure if any since we apply a numbing agent on your face so that you don’t feel a thing. This video is for you to learn how we perform this procedure at the Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness .

Remember that the experience may vary from person to person, depending on what they are getting the treatment for. But I can tell you this much – all of our patients who have had the PRP facial have experienced significantly tauter, fresher skin. They have reported looking and feeling years younger.

If you want to know whether PRP is the right solution for you, just schedule a complimentary consultation with our patient care concierge, and she will direct you to the doctor who can help you.