Proactive Wellness: How to Prevent Chronic Illness & Disease Natural Wellness

I want to chat with you today about being proactive in your pursuit of wellness. In America today, we don’t have wellness care, nor do we have health care… we have disease care. Often, by the time we get ourselves to the doctor because something has been bugging us for months (or years) it’s too late. We are already sick. This is PREVENTABLE.

I recommend to our patients that they get a complete blood workup every six months. Yes – ever six months. There are markers that I can see in your lab work that can allow me to have early detection of a myriad of health issues.

While a six-month check up is a good thing for everyone, it is absolutely essential for those of you in your 40s and 50s. You need to get a comprehensive assessment of your health status every six months so that you can identify if anything is going wrong with your body. There is always the chance that some markers may start showing a vulnerability to certain diseases in spite of you eating the right food, exercising, abstaining from smoking, and so on. Often, many external factors are responsible for causing diseases, and getting a well check every six months will help you catch it early.

You should not delay in getting the well-check, so I recommend you give us a call and book your appointment well in advance. To schedule your well check, simply click below: