Multi Vitamin or Probiotic: Learn The MultiVitamin Myth

Today I’d like to talk to you about vitamins: what they do, why we need them, and a few myths related to multivitamin pills and their effects.

Are you among those people who believe that you absolutely need to take multivitamin supplements to stay healthy? Well, if you are, then please do take the time to watch this video, and read our blog. You will learn why taking multivitamin pills without doing any research or health checkups could actually be detrimental to your health.

If you are unaware of the importance of vitamins, and the big myth of the multi-vitamin our blog and video will help you learn about it.

Your body is unique – just like everyone else’s, with its unique needs and problems. It is very important that you get a thorough health check done by a qualified health professional, and get a personalized health and nutrition plan that addresses those needs.

At the Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness, we interview you in detail and run extensive lab tests to determine your problems and assess your potential health risks before recommending your very own, personalised wellness plan.

If you are interested in getting your nutrient panel run, schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more.