Mary’s Patient Journey Story Part Two | hCG

Mary left her consultation with Dr. Young feeling invigorated. She was ready to make changes — big changes, if necessary — to reduce her risk of heart disease and get her health back on track. She wasted no time setting her new lifestyle in motion.

“I made one really big change the second I walked out of the office the first time,” Mary says. “I stopped being vegan.”

After 10 years of practicing veganism for its purported health benefits, Mary felt that returning animal products to her diet was the healthier choice for her. She says she has no regrets about her decision.

“I felt very comfortable following Dr. Young’s guidance,” she says, “and once I had my husband’s support, I felt like I could do anything.”


Mary initially came to Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness seeking a “deep dive” into her hormones. She wound up with a much deeper dive than she ever could have imagined.

As a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Young takes a holistic approach to patient care. Rather than focusing on one specific symptom or bodily system, she looks at the whole person and considers all factors that comprise an individual’s overall health. This means genetics, lifestyle habits, diet and exercise, environmental exposures, social factors and more. 

Mary’s consultation process included a series of tests that help Dr. Young assess all 12 systems of the body. Mary underwent tests for cholesterol, glucose and food intolerances, as well as a hormone panel and NutraEval. She also had her body composition analyzed with InBody, which would become a critical part of her treatment protocol.

“I did the InBody analysis on the very first day and then again each time I went in for my weekly hCG check-in,” Mary recalls. “It’s really cool. It shows your body fat, your muscle mass, your water. I would go home with all the information and digest it, and come up with questions for next time I came in.”

Measuring body composition describes weight more accurately than a bathroom scale or BMI. By breaking the body down into its core components, InBody provides a better glimpse into a person’s unique makeup and helps pinpoint areas to work on to improve overall health and wellness.

Mary held onto her results and refers to them when she needs a boost of motivation.

”I kept every InBody printout and have them in chronological order. It’s super interesting to read back on it. It’s nice to watch your numbers improving. You feel better when you see that.”


Dr. Young used the results from Mary’s tests and InBody analysis to create her personalized treatment plan: daily hCG injections, a 500-calorie per day diet and weekly IV therapy.

“Your first two days on the hCG protocol are load days. You give yourself the injections but you load up on fats and calories,” Mary explains. “After that, it’s a 500 calorie a day plan. It’s very restrictive, but once you eliminate all the garbage foods, it wasn’t hard to do. I didn’t find it difficult to follow.”

Mary did her best to maintain a routine during her treatment. “I would have a protein shake for lunch and I would eat dinner with my husband. I wanted to make it feel normal. Having dinner with him allowed me to do that,” she says. Her husband also helped with grocery shopping and food preparation.

“I think that was half the battle for me — just knowing that I had his support. There were hard days, but for the most part, it was very manageable.” 

Once a week, Mary came into the office for IV therapy with the Fat Blaster infusion. This specially formulated IV blend includes ingredients that boost metabolism and energy, increasing the body’s natural ability to break down stubborn fat. Together, IV therapy and hCG support weight loss more effectively than either treatment individually.

Mary’s dedication to her treatment plan paid off.

“I did two, six-week rounds of hCG, and I continually watched the weight go down,” she says. 10 pounds down, 20 pounds down, 40 pounds down, 70 pounds down. “You’re actually excited to weigh yourself every morning. It’s still the first thing I do each day. I’m proud of how far I’ve come.”


Mary says things feel different this time. In previous weight loss attempts, she saw reaching a numerical goal as the end of a story — a story she’d later find herself repeating when her goal didn’t stick. Today, she sees this moment of success as a transition between chapters rather than an ending.

“I need to stay focused and keep doing the hard work. I have to stay accountable,” she says. “I want to keep a connection with Dr. Young because she has a plan for me. I feel in my heart that I was led to her.”

In this new chapter, Mary has much to be thankful for. She says she feels healthier and more confident, and has regained her love of trying on clothes and getting ready to go out.

“We’re all trying to get the most out of the years that we can and look the best that we can. I’m finally in a place where I want to be, but I still have a lot to learn,” she says. “I’m on a journey. That’s how I describe it — a journey.”

That journey now includes health and wellness coaching with Phaedra, a new hormone protocol with Dr. Young, IV therapy for immune support and incorporating strength training into her weekly fitness routine. Mary says discovering naturopathic medicine has changed her outlook on wellness and healthcare, as well as her faith in her own capabilities. 

At a recent appointment with Dr. Young, she contemplated asking for three more weeks of hCG. With just 10 pounds left to lose to reach her goal, she knew she was entering one of the hardest parts of her journey, and that a final round of the protocol could accelerate her progress.

“But what I actually told Dr. Young is that I want to do it myself,” Mary says. “This experience taught me that I can. I’m capable. It’s empowering. And I’m very happy to continue working to reach my goal.”

Our deepest gratitude to Mary for sharing her story with us. We are honored to be part of her journey and wish her the best of luck in the next chapter. To begin a weight loss journey of your own, please reach out to Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness here or at 408-761-6781.