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getting-started-iconsStep 1: While some of our therapies and procedures require that you are first seen by one of our Naturopathic Doctors, some may not. So the very first step is to speak to our Patient Care Concierge about your specific needs and service interests. Book your appointment now.

getting-started-icons2Step 2: After your complimentary consultation with our Patient Care Concierge, she will either schedule your New Patient Appointment with one of our doctors… or schedule a Complimentary In-House Consultation with one of our medical assistants.

getting-started-icons3Step 3: After your appointment is booked, our Patient Care Coordinator will provide you access to our Private Patient Portal where you will have access to your intake forms as well as all of your health records from our Wellness Center. She will also provide you with any specific instructions for your appointment.

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