Do you have Alzheimer’s Disease?

I hear this all too often in my practice: My “parent/grandparent” has Alzheimer’s and I am noticing some change in my memory. I am kind of freaking out and I want to come up with a way to prevent these changes. What can I do?

In 2018 Alzheimer’s disease statistic was 5.7 million Americans. There are ways to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease if you frankly have it. In generally it starts in your 60’s, but what happens before that. What if you have a family member who has Alzheimer’s disease. Your risk is increasing, and maybe you are having issues with your memory.

There are genetic influences on Alzheimer’s disease. NO one gene is responsible AGAIN NO one gene is responsible. I say this because there are some very common gene associations you may have and never develop the disease. I want to make sure the info you get is useful but doesn’t steer you in the wrong direction (false negative or false positively).

In our clinic here are the things we do to check your risk/figure out your memory issues:

  • Take a comprehensive history. Having a family member with Alzheimer’s increases your risk.
  • Test you for other problems. Often memory issues are triggered by other hormonal, inflammatory or nutrient issues
  • Test your genetics. The main gene we look at is Apo E. If you have certain versions of this gene you could have up to a 15x more likely hood of developing Alz. We also test for versions of Methylation gene’s that would affect your B-vitamins.
  • Lastly, we talk to you more about what type of memory issues are bothering you, short term, long term or working memory. If you are a candidate we may refer you to someone to go through testing to see if you are experiencing the beginnings of Alzheimer’s disease or other cognitive disorders

So what happens if we find nothing? I wish I could tell you that never happens and we always find the answer. Often, we are just not sure what is affecting your memory. Don’t fret, we have somethings we can try. There are diets to improve your memory, supplements and even exercises you can try.

Getting an assessment is key in figuring out what your risk factors are. We can construct a long term plan for you to achieve the best quality and quantity of life!

Supplements for later to embed as our memory package

Brain memory


IV therapy is a great way to bypass your GI track and get things into the body. We use Phos-Choline to assist your body in building a strong nervous system. We use this IV in patients with neurological changes from concussions, Parkinson’s, memory changes and even to help patients experiencing the very early signs of Alzheimer disease. Dr. Sana Chrystal, N.D., D.C. is our Phos-Choline expert. She has excellent knowledge on how to get you the best recipe for what you need. Inquire with our patient care concierge to learn more!