Weight Loss Management

Weight Loss Management

Weight Loss Management

If you are like millions of people around the world, you are suffering from the frustration that comes from doing everything you should do to lose weight, but still not experiencing the results that have likely been promised from magazines, blogs, trainers and friends. If you are truly doing everything correctly with diet and exercise, but you’re still experiencing frustrating weight gain we highly recommend seeking out medical attention to determine what the underlying cause of your unwanted weight gain is.

5 Underlying Reasons You’re Gaining Weight Even With Proper Exercise & Diet:

1. Inflammation: Studies have shown that chronic inflammation is linked to weight gain. If you are suffering from chronic inflammation and it is going untreated or unidentified, there is a strong chance that it is causing those stubborn pounds to stay exactly where they are. Our natural health clinic can help identify any inflammation issues, what is causing them and design a personalized strategy to help you reduce inflammation and get you on the right track to attaining and maintaining a healthy weight.

2. Thyroid Issues: People with abnormal thyroid activity often have an underactive metabolism. Left unchecked, your thyroid can wreak havoc on your weight and other areas of your life. We have helped many patients identify and overcome thyroid issues so that they can adjust their lives, their metabolism and hormones and start to lead a healthy, well-balanced life.

3. Digestive Issues: Even if you’re doing everything you can to eat a balanced and nutritious diet, if your digestive system has any kind of glitch it could easily undermine even the best of diet efforts. Digestive issues could be indicative of acid reflux, ulcers, constipation, bacteria overgrowth or a number of other issues. No matter what the issue might be, it is in your best interest to identify and treat whatever might be keeping your digestive system off track.

4. Prescription Medicine: Many prescription medicines affect your ability to lose weight. If you have been unsuccessfully able to shed stubborn pounds despite your best efforts and are on any prescription medications, we encourage you to sign up for a consultation today to discuss whether or not your prescription regiment is contributing to your undesirable results.

5. Mental Health: Stress is a powerful condition that has real biological effects on your body and how it functions, including functions directly related to your weight regulation. Stress isn’t the only culprit; anxiety, depression and other issues could be sabotaging your weight loss endeavors – and possibly your ability to live your best possible life. By deep diving into your psychological health, you open up the possibilities of not only finding new ways of improving your day-to-day life, but also accelerate your weight loss. We have helped many patients reveal the underlying foundation of their stress, anxiety and/or depression issues helping them live lives without these debilitating illnesses.

At our clinic for naturopathic wellness, we understand how frustrating it is to not be able to lose weight. We have been able to help many patients get to the underlying cause of their inability to lose weight so that they could get on the road to healthy and happy.

Our Naturopathic Weight Loss Services Include:

Genetic Testing

Genetics often plays a part in our patients’ inability to lose weight. We use the latest technology and most current tests to test your genes discover whether or not you have a program in your DNA that is keeping you from your weight loss goals. A research study has found that women who took the time to go on a diet that was compatible with their genetic matches lost two to three times more weight than women on diets that were supposedly incompatible with their genes.

Customized Nutritional Diet Plans & Nutritional Counseling

Maybe you’ve been reading all the books, eating your vegetables and drinking plenty of water and still not achieving your results. As every single person is different, so are their dietary needs. If your unique make-up doesn’t conform to easy-to-access dietary information and there aren’t any other underlying conditions preventing you from achieving your results, you would likely benefit from a personalized nutritional plan and counseling. We offer clinical nutrition services which emphasizes whole natural foods and nutritional supplements for maintaining your health, uncovering undiscovered food allergies and Western nutrition which emphasizes the nutritional function of foods and your specific nutritional requirements for optimal health.

Hormone Management

If you’re hormones are unbalanced, there is a good chance that they are the culprit preventing you from your weight loss goals. Our comprehensive hormone testing, management and therapy services will offer you a deeper understanding of your body’s individual hormonal activity and give you the treatment that you need to regulate your hormones, bringing you closer to your desired weight loss results.

Seasonal Cleansing

Seasonal cleanses are not only beneficial for the body, but tend to have positive effects on the mind and spirit as well. A seasonal cleanse empowers our patients to break free from eating habits that have long held power over them and kept them from achieving the weight and body that they have been dreaming of. We offer personalized cleanses designed for your body so that you can be on your way to shedding the stubborn pounds that you have been longing to say goodbye to.

HCG Weight Loss Protocol

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and is the pregnancy hormone that triggers stored fat to be released as fuel for the developing baby. This hormone is used for weight loss purposes in combination with a low-calorie diet to lose release anywhere from 1,500 to 4,000 calories a day. In since the body is releasing stored fat, our patients rarely feel hunger due to their low calorie diet. This weight loss method is generally used for 6 weeks and yields significant results for our patients that we determine to be an ideal candidate.

Neutraceutical Supplementation

We will work with you to create an individualized supplement plan of weight loss stimulating herbs and nutritional products that we determine to serve your body’s unique make-up and needs.


CoolSculpting is the only fat freezing procedure cleared by the FDA as a non-surgical fat reduction treatment used to eliminate those stubborn pounds that seem impervious to even the most valiant of exercise and diet efforts. The CoolSculpting process allows you to reshape your body so that you can enjoy being the best possible physical version of yourself.

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