It’s About your Face

When you meet someone your face is the first thing they see. Whether we like it or not – your face is a big part of a first impression. Here are the treatment options you can consider head to toe: Hair: PRP for growing back your own hair Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for correcting issues…

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hair restoration

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Our patients find PRP Therapy to be a favorable option to address the issues of hair loss because it is an all-natural autologous medical procedure performed in a doctor’s office for scalp, skin and hair stimulation. This therapy was recently introduced to the cosmetic medical field thanks to recent scientific research and technology that provided…

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How PRP Hair Restoration is Performed

I hope you’re doing well today! In my previous video you learned how PRP can help to restore hair naturally. I’m sure most of you must be wondering how PRP hair restoration is performed. In my video I have explained the procedure in detail. Easy, right?   Imagine, you could experience hair regrowth or thicker hair in…

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