Rae’s Patient Journey Story – Part 2

Rae considers herself one of the lucky ones. Despite her delayed Lyme diagnosis and the symptoms that had made her a shadow of her vibrant former self, she finally saw a path forward. A personal connection who also battled Lyme encouraged her to visit Dr. Young at Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness.

“She said Dr. Young has a real knack for treating mystery illnesses and that I would be in outstanding hands,” Rae recalls. “The thing that really hit home is she said, ‘If I knew everything I know now, and I was in your situation, I would go see Dr. Young immediately.’”

Healing hadn’t come easy for Rae’s friend. When her initial search for a doctor in the Bay Area fell short, she sought treatment in other states and even other countries before discovering Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness.

“I figured if someone was willing to travel internationally [to find Dr. Young], and I could travel just 15 minutes, I would be crazy not to take this opportunity,” Rae says. “It was a no-brainer.”


Rae kept an open mind as she scheduled a consultation. Though she knew nothing about naturopathic medicine, the strength of Dr. Young’s reputation reassured her.

“My experiences had primarily been with Western medicine in a very conventional setting,” she says. “I didn’t know what to expect, but I was so desperate to heal that I figured ‘Why not?’ I’d hit rock bottom. Dr. Young was a glimmer of hope for me.”

Rae’s first encounter with Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness stoked that glimmer into a spark. She spoke to Carla, Patient Care Concierge, who helped her get an early appointment despite a waitlist. Rae noted the positive energy of the interaction and the inspiring way Carla spoke about Dr. Young. “I really felt like they were going to take care of me,” she says. 

With praise from both her friend and Carla ringing in her ears, Rae finally met Dr. Young. The experience did not disappoint.

“The first time I talked to Dr. Young was the first time I felt heard,” she says. “In the past, I felt like doctors listened but didn’t really understand what I was saying. Dr. Young saw me as more than a patient — she looked at the whole picture and saw me as a human being.”

This was a welcome change. Rae’s primary care physician declared her healed after a round of antibiotics, but she was still experiencing joint and muscle pain, fatigue, body aches, chills and tingling. She knew there was more to her story.

“Dr. Young reaffirmed that what I was experiencing in my body was real, and she assured me we would get the answers we needed,” Rae says. “I felt very relieved and comforted after the first appointment. I was excited to go on this new journey.”



‘Looking at the whole picture’ is the heart of naturopathic medicine. The goal of a naturopathic doctor is to treat the whole person and heal the root cause of illness, not just its symptoms. This is accomplished with a combination of traditional wisdom and time-tested natural therapies, extensive laboratory testing and advanced clinical science.

Rae describes Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness as a warm and welcoming environment where she received more attentive care than she had previously. “I didn’t feel like a number,” she says. “All the way down from Dr. Young to the office staff, everyone sees you as an individual and really cares about your progress. It’s far more personal.”

Dr. Young approaches patient care like a detective approaches a case. She looks beyond surface symptoms to see what’s happening underneath, scouting for clues about what will help her patients optimize their health at all levels — body, mind and spirit. For patients like Rae, this comprehensive methodology can make all the difference.

“She’s so intuitive. Her instincts are spot-on,” Rae says. “Her depth of knowledge, compassionate nature and plan to tackle the issue were impressive. No matter how severe my symptoms were, I knew that she was advocating for me and I would get the best treatment possible. There was never a moment where I doubted her.”

A thorough examination revealed that Rae had over eight pre-existing conditions, including food intolerances, estrogen dominance and gut bacteria issues. With Lyme disease layered on top of these health concerns, she had a potent recipe for severe Lyme symptoms. A treatment plan that addressed all of this simultaneously would be the key to unlocking true wellness for Rae.


“Dr. Young had an action plan for me from the beginning. It was obvious this was not her first rodeo,” says Rae.

Because Lyme disease can affect many systems in the body, Rae’s treatment protocol included multiple modalities, starting with another round of antibiotics. Dr. Young recommended supplements to reduce the side effects of the antibiotics and make the process more comfortable.

“Once I started, I feel like my mindset changed,” Rae says. “I knew that if I kept my thoughts positive and followed the doctor’s orders, things would turn around with time.” 

Before long, they did. Rae finished the antibiotics and began a regimen of immune-building IV infusions. She noticed a difference right away. “Before, when I would run an errand, I would have to take a 20-minute break before driving home,” she says. “After the first IV infusion, I drove home right away. I knew that was my first victory.”

She wasn’t the only one who noticed a change.

“I take movement breaks with my students. We put videos on and dance to them. One day they were like, ‘Wow, you’re getting so much stronger!’ They were so excited that I was able to dance with them again,” Rae recalls. “I felt like Dr. Young had given me my life back.”

After completing her initial course of eight sessions, Rae continues to get regular IV infusions. She now sees visits to Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness as part of an ongoing commitment to better health.

“I was meant to have Dr. Young in my life,” Rae says. “Not only to cure Lyme disease, but to start a whole new journey of learning about my body so I can live a long, healthy, positive life. I know Dr. Young is going to help me thrive.”

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