Let’s Talk About the Mid-Section

It is so exciting for us to be able to share our head to toe tricks . . . now ladies don’t get mad at us if your friend says something like “you are looking like a lean mean fighting machine – do you see the doctors at Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness? We promise we did not kiss and tell – just sometimes the proof is in the pudding. Here are some of our favorite treatments for that hard to hit midsection:

Weight loss

  • Including our popular ketogenic cleanse – click here to learn more
  • Juice Cleanse – click here to purchase Dr. Young’s personal 3 or 6 days cleanse
  • Medically supervised weight loss programs

Coolsculpting all over the place

  • Bat wings on the lovely underside of the arms
  • “Pit tits” Breast tissue rolls in the armpits
  • Bra fat – the stuff that hangs out the back
  • Abdomen – we all know what that looks like
  • Love handles on the sides and more
  • Banana Rolls – pudge under the butt cheeks – boost that baby
  • Thigh knockers – inner thighs
  • Saddlebags- outer thighs
  • Elephant rolls – aka knee fat

Issues around the mid-section are by far the most upsetting because they affect how you are able to wear your clothing. I know this is one of my personal irritations. I had a beautiful flat stomach before having my 22” long almost 10lb man child. I have personally enjoyed the effects of some freezing from coolsculpting. I have also personally done a keto cleanse, juice cleanse and medically supervised weight loss at some point after my pregnancy to do some damage control to the middle.