Is Your Blood Sugar Making You Gain Weight?

Is Your Blood Sugar Making You Gain Weight?

Sugar is fuel! Maintaining blood sugar levels under control is critical to lead a healthy life. Blood sugar is regulated by insulin, which is secreted from the pancreas into the blood in response to the level of sugar present. Sugar is normally elevated by food intake. It’s insulin’s job to get sugar to all the cells in your body, except for eyes, kidneys and nerves. When blood sugar spikes too high, too often, insulin will rely primarily on carbohydrates for metabolism while simultaneously suppressing the use of fat for energy.

Is Your Blood Sugar Making You Gain Weight?

Did you know that blood sugar regulation has paramount effect on weight? The way the body metabolizes sugar directly affects whether you burn fat or save it. No matter what kind of diet you have, stable blood sugar is crucial to push your body into a fat burning mode. Irregular blood sugar spikes are perceived as stress within the body.

Simply put, the stress tells your body to keep stored fat (around your abdomen) for a later date. You may consider yourself apple- shaped, meaning you have skinny arms and legs with a thick middle, or you may have a family history that includes Type II Diabetes, which is the non-insulin dependent Diabetes. Even if you don’t have these symptoms or history, there are plenty of other chances you could affect from it!

Sugar primarily comes from the food we eat. The body stores a certain amount of sugar for “rainy day” periods of stress or starvation for which these reserves help us survive.

Tips to Maintain Low Blood Sugar

• Watch Your Diet: Eat Whole foods, which is the best way to stop the irregular blood sugar cycle. Remember, eating too much carbohydrates and starchy foods can result in a high sugar level.

• Embrace the Fiber: Sugar should be consumed with Fiber. Fruits high in sugar are usually high in fiber. Nature intended them to be that way so that the people and animals that consume them will get the most health benefits.

• Monitor Blood Sugar Levels on a regular basis to maintain optimal blood sugar levels. The best thing about it is you have superior control over your sugar levels to follow the best diet plan that benefits your health.

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