Is CoolSculpting For You?

Anti Aging Skincare

Looking to shape up beyond your normal diet and workout?

CoolScultping is the only FDA approved non surgical device to reduce unwanted fat.

Most of us find ourselves looking in the mirror or pinching a roll on our body thinking – I would look so much better if I could just get rid of this one spot. Even with a great diet and exercise our body doesn’t always reflect hard work. If you are working on your abdomen, thighs, excess arm and back fat or if you have extra fat under your chin Coolsculpting may be the right fit for you.

The way to find out is to schedule a complementary consultation and have one of our experts give you a complementary assessment to see if you are a good fit. Stop wasting time worrying about those tricky areas. Honestly most of them are just about your genetics. The truth is you have the same number of fat cells from adolescence to death. Some of those cells are just more full. Picture a water balloon filling up and shrink down. That is what they look like. Now picture our CoolSculpting machine popping those balloons so you look smooth. CoolSculpting literally permanently destroys 20% of fat in an area, with no down time and no surgery.

Oh and as a little extra treat we have adding an new machine call the Zwave. This machine is like a jackhammer popping more fat cell than we could without it. If you get multiple Zwave treatments it will break apart unwanted cellulite. Ask about it on your next call or visit.

CoolSculpting is not about weight reduction. It is all about reshaping your body to feel more comfortable. We should feel good about our bodies. If something is bothering you let us know so we can help.

CoolSculpting uses applicators contoured to your body to freeze fat and break apart the cell membrane. Once the cells start to die the full process takes around 12 weeks to see results. That is why so many of our clients are getting ready for their spring vacation now. Once you have identified an area you would like frozen our machine works to reshape by damaging unwanted cells. These cells gradually reabsorb into the body and are excreted. There is no downtime for this treatment and most people carry on with their regular plans for the day or head back to work after.

How long does your treatment last?

FOREVER – no joke it’s awesome! Results come within the first month. Some see the change after a few days more so but full results come within three months to allow for the full process to work through and your body to do the work that comes after.

If you are excited about the possibility of a new you, let us do a complimentary consultation to help you understands what is possible for you.

Book with our Patient Care Concierge to learn more and book your appointment here.