Get Started On The HCG Protocol Today

As the last video presentations on our series of HCG videos, we would like to give you an idea as to how to go about with the HCG Protocol. This happens after you have decided to opt for this weight loss program and you choose to benefit from the complimentary consultation with our patient coordinator.

Our patient coordinator will set your appointment with one of our qualified and experienced medical practitioners. Our team of experienced medical practitioners and our customization of the HCG protocol based upon providing this treatment to hundreds of patients is what sets us apart and ahead from all the HCG programs available in the market.

At your visit with the medical practitioner, we start from the basics of deciding whether you qualify as a candidate for this protocol. Then, we assess your body fat and decide on the quantity of fat or the number of pounds that you need to lose. This also would dictate how long your protocol would last. Then, we customize the protocol to suit your life style and body habitus. Not in the area? That’s okay. We provide this protocol to patients all over the world and can treat and manage your care virtually.

This whole process of getting started is what we intend to share with you today in the video above.