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Put an End to Incontinence

Incontinence is often looked at as an issue that has embarrassing effects. For many women and men who live with the impact of incontinence, it can end up changing their lives negatively. From not being able to exercise, to avoiding a good comedy movie, to adverse effects on a sufferer’s sex life. In short, incontinence results in a lot of personal disruption.

Many women and men who visit the Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness Wellness for incontinence have suffered in silence for years, and perhaps you have too. While you might figure out how to avoid public embarrassment using incontinence pads, a solution like that only hides the symptom – it doesn’t cure it. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way for you to deal with the underlying problem in an effective and non-invasive way.

Emsella is a reputable and groundbreaking device that can improve or even cure your incontinence. If you’re tired of having to deal with incontinence, please contact Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness at (408) 761-6781, or visit our contact page to schedule a complimentary Emsella consultation.

What Is Emsella?

Emsella by BTL, a lead developer in incontinence devices, is a device that utilizes the power of high-intensity focused emsellaelectromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and restore neuromuscular control. In just one session, the device stimulates thousands of supramaximal contractions in the pelvic floor muscles. The stimulation of these particular muscles is vital for muscle re-education, which helps improve or prevent incontinence. The treatment involves having you seated comfortably, fully-clothed, on the Emsella chair while it stimulates your pelvic floor muscles. During an Emsella session, you can read, watch a movie or check your emails.

You may already be familiar with Kegel exercises that strengthen your pelvic floor. Through targeted pelvic muscle contractions, the goal is to regain some strength to avoid those uncontrolled leaks. The problem is that consciously targeting these muscles is slow, and it will only get you so far back to normal strength levels.

emsella urinary incontinence patientThe Emsella chair has been nicknamed “The Kegel Throne” as it is a simple chair that uses electromagnetic frequencies to cause your pelvic floor muscles to contract. In just one session with this innovative device, you can achieve 10,000 pelvic muscle contractions, which is something that would be impossible with regular Kegels.

Who Is Emsella for?

You’re a suitable candidate for Emsella if you’re a woman or man struggling with urinary incontinence of a grade level of one or zero. Having difficulty falling asleep because of frequent bathroom trips throughout the night, not being able to enjoy a movie all the way through or even feeling fearful that you may need to go to the bathroom during an important event, among other things, are all signs you’re struggling with urinary incontinence. It’s reported that 95 percent of people that have had their urinary incontinence treated by Emsella experience an overall improvement in their quality of life. The revolutionary Emsella device can help you:

  • Reduce leakage
  • Gain control of your bladder
  • Restore neuromuscular function
  • Better your sleep
  • Reduce embarrassment
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Overcome limitations
  • Enhance your sex life

Some contraindications that may prevent you from having Emsella performed include:

  • Currently pregnant
  • Wear a pacemaker or have any implanted electronic devices
  • Metal implants
  • Heart disorders
  • Malignant tumor
  • Fever
  • Pulmonary insufficiency
  • Hemorrhagic condition

During an initial consultation with one of our wellness specialists, we can determine if Emsella is right for you. Schedule your complimentary consultation today.

What Are the Benefits?

The main reason so many women and men have given up on finding a solution to their problems is that all the options out there are either ineffective or involve medical and surgical interventions. The following are popular motivations as to why so many people choose Emsella to treat their incontinence and/or their sexual dysfunction.

1. Completely Non-Invasive

Using the Emsella treatment is an entirely non-surgical and non-invasive procedure. There are no sharp instruments or anesthetics, and you certainly won’t have to plan for long post-operation recovery times.

2. Dignified Experience

You won’t even need to take off your clothes or change into embarrassing and revealing gowns. For many other medical treatment options, that cannot be avoided, but you can simply wear whatever feels comfortable to you with this innovative new solution.

3. Treatments Based on Your Schedule

While the session times can vary depending on the severity of your incontinence, age, and a few other factors, they usually take about 30 minutes. And with just three sessions a week, they can be arranged to minimize disruptions to your busy life.

4. No Pain Or Discomfort

Not only is this a non-surgical solution, but you will also not suffer from any pain or discomfort. You’ll feel a tingling sensation in your pelvic floor along with muscle contractions. But as soon as you finish the treatment, the tingling will stop, and you can go about the rest of your day as normal.

Life After Your Emsella Sessions

When your Emsella sessions are complete, you’ll notice those sudden, anxious needs to urinate that come out of the blue are less frequent or completely gone. Life will be better. You can enjoy your favorite activities once again. Big meetings at work will no longer be hampered by thoughts of having to use the restroom abruptly. Time spent with friends and family will no longer be disrupted because of several bathroom breaks. In short, your overall quality of life will be much better after an Emsella treatment.

How long your Emsella results last is dependent on the severity of your condition. Typically, results last for approximately six to 12 months. As with any muscle in your body, the pelvic floor muscles will start to sag and lose their strength, reverting you back to urinary inconsistency. However, your results can be maintained with regular Kegel exercises or with subsequent Emsella sessions.

If you’re tired of the disrupting nature of incontinence, then it’s time to talk to Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness to find out how soon your life can return to normal. It’s time take back control of your life with Emsella.

Emsella Frequently Asked Questions

Can Emsella Improve My Sex Life?

Emsella is an excellent treatment that can improve your incontinence and boost your sex life. The treatment has been clinically proven to reduce feminine dryness and improve sexual gratification and signs of erectile dysfunction in men because it enhances circulation. With the treatment, you can return to urinary continence, have more pleasurable intimate encounters and, in general, improve your overall well-being.

We also have many patients without incontinence issues, who get Emsella treatments solely for the purpose of improving their sex life.

What Is Incontinence?

Incontinence is a medical term that describes any involuntary or uncontrolled release of urine from the bladder. This is quite a natural thing to happen to women due to natural aging, hormonal changes and pregnancy. Men develop the issue primarily due to age. Incontinence ranges in severity from a small leak to complete loss of bladder control. The condition is a result of the pelvic floor muscles weakening.

What Causes Incontinence?

The most common causes of incontinence are natural aging, pregnancy, and childbirth. These all take their toll on the strength of pelvic floor muscles, which can become significantly stretched and weakened.

As your bladder starts to fill, those muscles are no longer able to react sufficiently to control the flow of urine.

Are There Different Types of Incontinence?

Emsella is FDA-approved to treat two types of incontinence: stress incontinence and urge incontinence.

Stress incontinence occurs when the urine leak is triggered by sudden pressure on the bladder. For example, sudden coughing, sneezing, laughing or lifting heavy objects are among the most common triggers. Unfortunately, triggers are disruptive to the everyday life of a stress incontinence sufferer.

Urge incontinence is when the urge to urinate is frequent and intense, almost painful, and commonly occurs throughout the night. This type of continence can significantly impact how a sufferer operates in their day to day.

Is Emsella Beneficial for Men?

Absolutely! Incontinence is not an issue that only affects women. Although incontinence is reported to be two times more common for women than men, that doesn’t mean it can’t be treated for them too. It’s estimated that approximately 11 to 34 percent of older men suffer from some form of incontinence. If you’re a man that struggles with incontinence, Emsella can be incredibly beneficial. The treatment can boost your self-confidence, improve your sex life by treating erectile dysfunction and, of course, make getting through the day more comfortable by not having to use the restroom so frequently. Husbands and fathers alike can live their lives with ease by not worrying about frequent urination after having Emsella performed.

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We can book you in for a complimentary Emsella consultation, which helps assess your current situation’s severity and causes. And within just a few weeks, you could be enjoying the results of a life-changing decision.