Coolsculpting: Permanent Loss of Fat Cells

Do fat cells really disappear forever with Coolsculpting technology?

Coolscupting is honestly one of my favorite Cosmetic Services that we offer here at Young Naturopathic Center For Wellness. Reason being, Coolscupting therapy provides permanent loss of fat cells, let say that again “permanent loss of fat cells”.

Think of it like this, from the time that you are in adolescence until the time you die; you have the same number of fat cells. What Coolscupting does is it freezes your cells causing permanent damage to the outside of those particular fat cells. After Coolscupting has altered those fat cells your body’s natural instincts take over.

During Coolsculpting Cosmetic Therapy you can here our team singing, “Die fat cells die”. No, not really, but least from the audible point, I know in my mind I am singing…

Seriously, after Coolsculpting, your fat cells they are actually absorbed into your body and flushed out. This is your body’s natural process taking over and completing the permanent removal of these fat cells that have been “tagged” by the Coolscupting therapy. So Coolscupting is not a mass weight loss device, it’s literally non-surgical liposuction so it gets rid of particular stubborn fat pockets, it’s not meant to make your entire body smaller, it’s meant to make that specific lump or bump that you have gone away.

Men and woman are naturally pre-disposed to have certain areas on their body where stubborn fat cells reside. Think about your work out regimen and eating habits, even when optimized over time, there are just certain areas “fat cell lumps” that will not disappear. Coolscupting is designed for those specific areas. Typically a woman sees this on their thighs, hips, and but. Men most often have it right above there “belt line”. Coolscupting is the cosmetic therapy design to attack those areas.

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