5 Exercise Tips to Help You Lose Weight

You must have read hundreds of articles related to exercise and its health benefits. If nothing seems to be made an impact yet on your health and fitness you should read this! My grandmother used to get two cans of vegetables from her pantry and do curls, squats, lateral pull ups and triceps in the kitchen. If she could lift two cans, so can you! Bring it on, buddy!


Now I’m not suggesting you run out and sign up for a marathon today; instead try small steps to begin with, maybe only a few minutes a day; the important thing is to do something you enjoy every day or it won’t stick. Experiment with different activities to see what you like to do; running, swimming, biking, or even jumping on a trampoline!

Here are three simple steps you can take today to shake the lethargy and get started:
• Go for a walk, even if it is only for 10 minutes.
• Buy a work out tape if the gym is not your thing or you don’t have time to get there.
• Join a local gym or YMCA and sign up for one class (add more as you become motivated.)

However, I would like to point out that over exercising can have the opposite effect and force your body to hold onto extra weight. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. Remember your body needs extra fat for fuel. If you exercise too much it is just like going out and buying things you can’t afford. It’s just not in the budget.

Here are two rules for healthy fitness and weight control:
• Strength training two to three times per week.
• Get your heart rate up for at least twenty minutes, three to four times per week

It is highly recommended to find yourself a personal trainer. Try working with a personal trainer to find out whether or not you are training in a fat burning zone.

If you still find yourself unable to get up and go workout today, it might be due to a more serious situation such as stress or depression. We invite you to visit Young Naturopathic Wellness Center or Schedule a FREE Consultation with our expert doctors.

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