3 Almost Guilt Free Cocktails

3 Almost Guilt Free Cocktails

Most of us try to lead healthy living – eating right, exercising, and so on; but we all like to let down our hair in the weekends. I’m not the alcohol police and I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy a great glass of red wine or some bourbon now and again.  Life is about moderation and if you are going to drink, I’d rather show you a healthier way to go about it.

But, you may think, will a weekend of enjoying myself do damage to my health? After all, don’t most doctors advise against alcoholic drinks? Well, while it’s true that excessive drinking can cause serious health problems, there is nothing wrong in occasional social drinking; what’s more, you can choose your drinks wisely. It also makes good sense to have cocktail parties at home so that you can control what goes in your drink. The cocktails we are going to tell you about can be easily made at home with ingredients you’re likely to have handy.

In this episode, we present to you 3 cocktails that are almost guilt free; not completely, but this is as close as you will get!

You may have read or heard that if you’re watching your weight, but you want to enjoy a drink or two occasionally, the safest bet is vodka. This is because vodka has among the lowest calorie count for alcoholic drinks, with beer being near the top of the charts. Moreover, vodka is made from fermented grains like corn, sorghum, wheat, rice or rye, or from potatoes and fruits; mild consumption of this drink may do less harm than others. You can even find Gluten Free Vodka.  Vodka is also a very versatile drink; you can combine it with many different mixers to create a variety of cocktails that are nearly healthy and absolutely delicious.

In the above video, you can learn how exactly to do this. We will show you three basic cocktails that you can easily make at home that are significantly healthier than what you would get out on the town:

  • Bloody Mary – vodka with homemade tomato juice
  • Vodka with lemon
  • Our version of White Russian – Vodka with home pressed almond milk and a little chilled coffee decoction

Of course, to enjoy optimal wellness, you have to ascertain the exact status of your health, and resolve any critical issues first; next you need to alter your lifestyle and ensure that you eat the foods that are right for you, to prevent or delay the onset of disease and experience and maintain good health for the rest of your life.

At the Young Naturopathic Center for Wellness, we help people to understand about the choices they can make to enjoy optimal wellness lifelong. We perform a thorough well check and offer customized and holistic wellness plans to individual patients based on their specific health issues.

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