Do You Have Walking Pneumonia?

Patients often ask me about chronic fatigue.  They want to know what it is and what causes it. The truth is we don’t know. The theories include immune problems, hormonal issues, psychological stress, physical stress, and infections. This is where several infections come in play. Mycoplasma it is one of the infections thought to trigger Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ( CFS). The most common strain of mycoplasma is known as Mycoplasma Pneumonia responsible for walking pneumonia. How Do We Catch Walking Pneumonia?

Mycoplasma is spread by droplets of fluid in the nose that are expelled when we sneeze, cough or touch an area where someone just touched after picking their nose. I know, it’s gross, but nose picking is a known spreader of infections. One of the things I regularly tell my son is if you want to stay healthy don’t pick your nose, touch your eyes or put your hands in your mouth.    

There are several different strains of mycoplasma suspected for chronic fatigue. It has been approximated that 50% of people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have or have had an infection with Mycoplasma.   What Are The Symptoms of Mycoplasma/ Walking Pneumonia?

Some of the early signs of Mycoplasma, Walking Pneumonia,  infections are similar to other respiratory infections:

  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Body aches

The thing you need to understand about treating Mycoplasma is preventing growth is more important than just killing the bacteria itself. It is a weird concept, bacteriostatic (stopping growth) vs bactericidal (killing bacteria).  In both herbal medicine as well as drug therapy, knowing what infection you have helps pick the right treatment. That’s what we do here at the clinic. Your treatment will be individual to your needs.

Having a primary concern of fatigue is common when it comes to Mycoplasma and the period of being contagious can last up to a month even. If the fatigue started with a bacterial infection, such as Mycoplasma, you likely need to address your immune system. We have the right strategy for you to work on getting back to living an energetic life!

Here are the 3 steps we take into consideration here at our clinic.

  1. Listen to how your problems got started “ When was the last time you were well and what has happened between now and then?”
  2. Test-based on your answers.
  3. Plan based on your labs (i.e. the facts)

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