Top 5 Reasons To Do A Juice Cleanse

Juice Cleansing

Any time is a good time to do a cleanse but with the holiday season upon us there are many great reasons to do take care of your body in this way. Not all juice cleanses are created the same. Whether you are looking for a one day reset, or something a little longer term, here are five reasons to do a juice cleanse.

Juice Cleansing

1. Appetite Regulator

While you may initially feel a bit more hunger while starting out on a juice cleanse you will be able to eliminate the desire for comfort food craving because you are giving your body more of the nutrient dense good stuff. Your body will start to feel better with less food because of this and you may get a psychological boost to continue eating a more nutrient dense diet when you’re done for further results.

2. Hydration is Key

Juice cleansing is going to see you ditching the belly bloat. Water that you may be retaining, because of some of the foods you are including in your diet, is going to go down the drain… literally. You will stay hydrated because of the formulation of the juices in our cleanse. Spinach and Kale help to retain the water that you need and chlorophyll helps to plump up those cells. You are also giving your digestive system a bit of a rest and reset by process of elimination on the things that may have had it working harder. Prior to a cleanse we include some of the foods you should be eating so that your body will be more receptive to the cleanse.

3. Allergy Indicators

Most juice cleanses eliminate the most highly allergenic foods. Wheat, dairy and gluten are common culprits and you won’t find them in a juice cleanse. If you are doing a 3 or 6 day cleanse you will be more likely to see how your body is reacting to the eliminations of these foods. Of course, for further results you should book in for an allergy panel test.

4. Go Caffeine Free

Juice cleanses do not include that magic cup off coffee. If you’ve been looking to ditch this hot brew that have your adrenals giving you a rough time then a juice cleanse is for you. A 3 or 6 day cleanse is going to have you noticing the withdrawal factors but if you stick with it you may just be able to replace the java with a great quality green tea.

5. Detox

Some juice cleanses contain only fruits that spike your blood sugar and have a higher glycemic effect on your body. This happens over a prolonged period of time when using these types of juice cleanses. When you use really high quality vegetables then juicing can be amazing! You want to stimulate your liver, gallbladder kidneys and digestive tract to reset and get on track for optimal health.

There are of course many other amazing benefits to doing a juice cleanse and the duration of the cleanse will have a bearing in the types of results we see above. A one day cleanse can be of benefit after a night out where you may have over indulged. This can give you a reset and break that cycle of food. A three day cleanse is the sweet spot to help detox and it’s a great beginners cleanse. For those of you that have done this process before or do juice cleansing on a regular basis then a six cleanse can work well for you. Book your cleanse here:

The reasons listed here for doing a cleanse are not the be all end all of doing a reset or getting your health on track. If you are experiencing other symptoms or are suspecting adrenal burn out or hormonal imbalances, then please do book a consultation here.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Renee