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Book Your PRP Treatment with Young Wellness Center

We have, in our videos, showed you how PRP or platelet rich plasma therapy works and how it can help you resolve many of your skin problems and tighten your face to give you a rejuvenated, amazing, younger looking, glowing skin. I’m sure many of you must have thought, ‘Wow, that looks amazing – it’s…

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The Celebrity Facial

As I had promised you, here is your first video on PRP, also known as the Celebrity Facial, and sometimes even the Vampire Facial™- one of the hottest procedures used worldwide by celebrities and normal people just like you and me who care about natural methods for fabulous, glowing skin. PRP stands for platelet rich…

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How PRP Hair Restoration is Performed

I hope you’re doing well today! In my previous video you learned how PRP can help to restore hair naturally. I’m sure most of you must be wondering how PRP hair restoration is performed. In my video I have explained the procedure in detail. Easy, right?   Imagine, you could experience hair regrowth or thicker hair in…

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How PRP Can Naturally Restore Hair Loss

In the first video in this series, you saw the many possible different reasons for hair loss, and why it’s important to establish the reason you’re losing hair. Today, I want to tell you how PRP, or platelet rich plasma – a concentrated form of your own blood, can help restore hair loss. PRP contains…

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does prp work

Does PRP Work?

PRP or platelet rich plasma therapy is an innovative, natural method used for arresting hair loss and for facial rejuvenation; that is, it can be used to grow back your hair, and plump up your facial tissue to give you a youthful appearance. Your blood contains plasma, a liquid, and solid components like red and…

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