Are You Stressed Stupid?

Everything about our life can affect our stress hormones. Our outlook on life and our perspective can affect how happy you are and all affect your stress hormones. Cortisol is our main stress hormone. This hormone is secreted in response to any physical, emotional or chemical stress. Cortisol is released from your adrenal glands. People…

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sex drugs and rock and roll of memory problems of memory problems

The Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll of Memory Problems

This week we are going to cover the Sex (your hormones) Drugs (medication reactions and interactions) and Rock and Roll (staying up to late) of memory issues and how that effect you. Sex hormones are well known to affect your memory. Studies have shown that memory issues in women pre-menopausal are not as often reported…

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Your Memory and “CRS”

One of my first years in medicine a patient came in with a T-shirt that said, “Ask me again, I have CRS”. Of course, I asked about what this CRS was . . . I laughed so hard. I “CRS= Can’t Remember Shit.” He clearly had a sense of humor about something that I would…

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