Optimal Wellness Check

Our health screenings, better known as Optimal Wellness Checks, are a way of discovering unrecognized health risks and ailments in persons that are thought to be free of disease in order to prevent their progression to more serious conditions. In most primary care settings, health checks are limited to basic organ function and cholesterol. In our clinic, we provide more extensive information for you to better strategize your long-term health needs. We help you to create an Optimal Wellness Strategy.

We all lead such busy lives nowadays, and it’s easy to forget about the most important thing in life – our health. Quite often we are trying to juggle work, family, friends, and everything else life throws at us, and our health and wellness often suffers as a result.

With the Optimal Wellness Check we cover:

  • what to eat
  • what vitamin deficiencies you have
  • inflammation and immune markers
  • complete cardio-metabolic profile
  • hormones testing
  • genetic risk of disease
  • body fat analysis
  • address any current concerns
  • come up with a long term health strategy

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