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san-jose-sharksDr. Young has been an extremely valuable resource for my understanding of blood markers the effect they have on the performance and health of athletes. Our players are in a constant state of high-paced training, travel and competitive events. Our recovery strategies via nutritional interventions are specific to the individual and are established from Dr. Young’s testing. The identification of these individualized needs for health, nutrition and performance give our team the tools needed to combat the stressors of the season and set us up for success.

Dr. Young is a well educated and highly skilled doctor. She always has her patient’s health and best interest in mind when she recommends a treatment plan. Her approach is forward thinking and result driven. I would recommend Dr. Young to anyone who wants to get healthy.

If you are tired of hearing the same old things from your “regular” doctor and if you believe it should take more than 5 minutes to diagnose you and come up with a treatment, than you should get acquainted with Dr. Young. Her fun, light, non-judgmental personality makes it easy to discuss the persistent health issues that main-stream medicine failed to address properly. Dr. Young’s creative approach combining the best of traditional and alternative medicine enables her to address the root of problem, so it does not come back. She is a true wellness doctor.

Dr. Young is my girlfriend’s doctor, and she’s really great. At our first visit, she made us both feel comfortable and welcome. We had some specific questions that she was very happy to answer, and she was also kind enough to recommend some things for both of us, not just my girlfriend. She’s very caring and passionate about what she does … most doctors could learn a lot from her kind and pleasant bedside manner.

Dr Young is an excellent and caring Naturopathic doctor. She helped resolve health issues that regular MDs couldn’t and I’m in much better health because of her. I’d recommend her to anyone.

I have used Dr. Renee Young’s services on an on-going basis for the last 6 months or so. After having my initial consultation with Dr. Young I felt as though she really listened to my needs and my concerns. Many other doctors pull your health history and work off of it blindly, but Dr. Young takes the time to review your health history and understand the details — Do all of the results make sense? Are there test results which contradict each other? Are there any red flags that were missed previously? Is there any prescribed medication which might actually be having an adverse effect on your health? Dr. Young will approach your health concerns from an educated, knowledgeable, experienced and creative aspect that other doctors do not. If you are tired of going to multiple doctors and not seeing any results or not getting any closer to resolving a health related issue, I would highly recommend visiting Dr. Young. I have personally recommended Dr. Young’s services to family and friends on multiple occasions and will continue to do so.

What I appreciate most about Dr. Renee is her ability to listen thoughtfully, drill down to the problem, and offer solutions that are tailored to me and my needs. I am very grateful for the help she has provided to me and the changes she has made in my health and life.

Dr. Renee has excellent bed side manner and is very knowledgeable in her field. I like the fact that her focus is on women’s health and that her approach is natural. I would not hesitate to see Dr. Renee again in the future.

Dr. Young has helped me deal with several long-standing health issues; she performed some diagnostics, and I was found to have food allergies/intolerance. I have been able, so far, to take off about 20 lbs., without other major lifestyle changes. I can highly recommend her.

When my medical doctor could no longer provide treatment options for my health issues, I turned to a naturopath for the first time. My health has been restored due to the work of Dr. Renne Young, I feel the healthiest I have ever felt. My husband and son now go to Dr. Young..highest recommendation.

I recommend Dr. Renee to everyone! She helped me with some issues I had for years and thought would never go away. She’s efficient and dedicated to healing her patients in as timely a manner as possible. You can’t go wrong with choosing Dr. Renee.

I went to Dr. Young, a Naturopathic Doctor, for help with some awful menopausal issues. I was at my wits end after having been to several other ‘mainstream’ doctors for help to no avail. Their approach was only in line with whatever their specialty was and I actually started feeling worse! The Naturopath took the ‘whole person’ approach and came up with a treatment plan that has restored my zest for life. I haven’t felt this good in years! I learned that Licensed Naturopaths CAN write prescriptions (except for controlled substances) so they actually have a much larger arsenal to work from as far as treatments to use. Not only can they use prescriptions but they are versed in herbs, homeopathic remedies, foods, and more. So I hope this helps other women who might be going through similar issues. From now on Dr. Young is my primary doc.

Dr. Young is a top notch professional – an ideal combination of great knowledge, skills and broad spectrum of naturopathic diagnostic methodologies and treatments, as well as a phenomenal personality that is required to be effective and successful with her patients – a doctor I was looking for years around the world and I have finally found in Los Gatos, CA.

For the past three years she’s been treating me, my husband, our teenage daughter and a number of our friends and relatives with great success.

I highly recommend her to anyone whose interest and needs go beyond the conventional – “symptom masking” – approach, but also to anyone who is looking for a fast working, effective, non-invasive remedy to almost any medical problem – from the smallest to a major one.

I have been a client of Renee’s for five years and she has consistently provided me with effective care and treatments. From insomnia, arthritis, energy issues and more, thanks to Renee I now sleep well, have pain totally under control and a load of energy. Whatever problem I have brought to her has been solved and without dangerous drugs or surgery. I highly recommend her. She is an amazing Doctor.

I have referred many of my local clients to Dr. Renee and let me tell you… Dr. Renee is *amazing*. All of my referred clients have experienced the results they were seeking. They…

  • Overcame hormonal imbalances due to menopause…
  • Identified food allergies that were giving them headaches and fatigue…
  • Created optimum balance with their menstrual cycles…
  • Overcame their symptoms of depression or anxiety that were related to their physical health…

Dr. Renee has THE best “bedside manner” I’ve ever seen in a doctor. She is real, down to earth, extremely empathic and overall a *good* person. I will continue to refer all of my clients to Dr. Renee because I know first hand, that with her help they will achieve their health goals.

Where to start? Dr. Young is an extraordinary healer! She blends the best of western medical smarts with an open mindedness towards holistic medical traditions. She is passionate about finding working solutions to her client’s health concerns without fear of how the advice might be received and/or judged. I highly recommend her for those chronic concerns people have that no other was able to properly diagnose and heal!”

After going to one of the best Allergy Specialist in Silicon Valley, they could not tell me what I was having an allergic response to. Maybe dust, they said. Dr. Renee Young recommended doing a food allergy panel. When the results came in, she found I was highly allergic to eggs. Being in the food industry – and a lover or eggs – this was an important step in knowing why I was losing energy and having ringing in my ears after breakfast!

Her knowledge is solid. If I lived in LG, I would definitely see her again.”

Dr Young is an excellent and caring Naturopathic doctor. She helped resolve health issues that regular MDs couldn’t and I’m in much better health because of her. I’d recommend her to anyone, and enthusiastically so!

I have been under Dr. Young’s supervision and care for many years and all the supplements and advice she has given me have no question worked to the fullest! Try her, I guarantee you’ll come to love her for what she can do for you if you follow her direction and supplements!! I highly recommend her to all of you!